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I talk to cool ass writers. So chill with me, and Get LIT With Leza. This is a CLASH Books podcast.

Discussing the horror legacies of Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein & Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House with living legend Kathe Koja, author of The Cypher, with re-release coming in November 2020 from Meerkat Press. 

Zac Smith is the author of 50 BARN POEMS, published recently by CLASH Books. We chatted about barns, the art of getting blurbs, ghosts, the lit scene & a bunch of other fun stuff. Zac is a funny guy & this is a funny ep. You can follow Zac on Twitter @ZacTheLinguist

I chatted with actor & author Kevin Bigley about indie lit, comedy, making art & working in Hollywood. He gave me the behind the scenes scoop of working in TV & working with Greg Daniels on his new show UPLOAD, out now on Amazon. His debut novel COMAVILLE, was published this March by CLASH Books. Follow Kevin on Instagram @kevinwbigley

Alexandra Naughton is the author of a place a feeling something he said to you, published by spooky girlfriend press. She is editor in chief of be about it press. More at (photo by rohan dacosta). We chatted about her Blackout/Britney Spears themed zine antho, Lana Del Rey, Marilyn Monroe, toxic relationships, the symbolism of music videos & hexes. 

Chandler Morrison is a novelist currently residing in Los Angeles, though he originally hails from Cleveland, Ohio. His works include the currently-available Dead Inside, Until the SunHate to Feel and Just to See Hell, as well as the upcoming novel Along the Path of Torment. He hasn't worn any type of footwear other than cowboy boots since 2011, and his tan is fake. We talked about necrophilia, Marilyn Manson, his strange obsessions & why acid is better than coke. Follow him on Twitter @mechachandler

Steve Anwyll is the author of Welfare (NY Tyrant) & is also a super chill Canadian. We talked about his tumultuous childhood, wild teens, literary muses, & reminisced about the time I pissed in a public park in Montreal with him & caught it all on video (video at Trash Panda Poetry on YouTube). Follow him @oneloveasshole on Twitter & IG.

Megan J. Kaleita has a BA from Hartwick College and an MA from Wilkes University. Megan has published in Luna Station Quarterly and Hello Horror, & JukePop Serials. She has $35k in student debt. This Book Is Brought To You By My Student Loans is her first book. Get the unbelievable true stories, by turns sad & hilarious. Anecdotes of a childhood of work, economic hardship, mental & physical health struggles, working in sexist environments, the MFA experience, & striving for something more despite constant adversity. Follow her on Twitter & Instagram @MeganJKaleita

Josh Malerman is a New York Times bestselling author & one of two singer/songwriters for the rock band The High Strung. His debut novel, Bird Box, is the inspiration for the hit Netflix film of the same name. His other novels include Unbury Carol & Inspection. Malerman drank Jack & Coke & I worked my way through a bottle of white wine. He talked about his writing & editing process. We geeked out about Italian horror movies, vintage collectibles, living writer heroes, the limitless reaches of art, & butchered classic movie titles. This was such a blast. Find Josh Malerman on the internet @JoshMalerman

Lindsay Lerman's debut novella I'M FROM NOWHERE is a dark tale of grieving & rebirth. After Claire's husband dies, she has to reassess her whole life, her idea of who she is. The setting is a dying planet. The atmosphere is her own soul in painful flux. Lindsay Lerman holds a PHD in Philosophy from Guelph in Ontario, Canada. She works as a translator & a teacher. We talked Existentialism, the dark side of love, grief, death, tragic heroines, & what comes next for female voices in literature. You can follow Lindsay on Twitter @lindsaylerman & IG @lindsay.lerman You can preorder her book at & Amazon.

Kathe Koja writes novels and short fiction, and creates, directs and produces immersive performances and events with a rotating ensemble of artists. VELOCITIES, her second short fiction collection, is forthcoming in 2020, along with a reprint of her Bram Stoker Award winning debut novel, THE CIPHER. DARK FACTORY is her newest fiction and performance project. We talked books, artistic inspirations, her neverending obsession with Wuthering Heights, the cathartic medicine that is horror, real life ghost encounters & the power of story. Find her on Twitter & IG @KatheKoja & find her on Patreon creating her latest multimedia experience, DARK FACTORY.

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